Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Review: The Doll by Taylor Stevens

The third book featuring the character Vanessa Michael Munroe does not disappoint readers. Munroe is not hired for a job this time but kidnapped and forced to deliver "a package" and if she does not cooperate, people she cares about are going to pay the price.

The action is non-stop between Bradford in Texas and Munroe in Croatia and later Italy that you will not want to stop reading day or night. The characters are well developed and I loved the involvement of the sub-characters. 

If you are a fan of Taylor Stevens you will dive right in to this and by the end of the book you will be asking yourself how long you have to wait for book four. If you have not read The Informationist or The Innocent you are missing out on one of the best new authors that I have read in awhile. Publication date is June 4,2013 -Jennifer

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  1. I've read The Informationist and didn't realize the second (and third) books were out... adding to my TBR list.